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Our members make the magic happen! We're always up for a challenge and will team up to help each other achieve fitness goals. As well as class comradery, we've competed in plenty of events together and are always looking for any excuse for a social. See what some of our members had to say about PFC in the testimonies below!



"The month's free trial enticed me in and I just never left! Every coach pushed you to do 'your personal' best every session with plenty of banter along the way! 

Believe it or not the cold, wet and muddy winter evenings are actually the best sessions. Come rain, snow or hunger, the friendly coaches will be there waiting to deliver a selection of different fitness techniques for us all to enjoy."



"I would 100% recommend PFC to anyone looking to improve their fitness and have fun in a friendly and inclusive environment.

I love that the sessions are outdoors no matter the weather and the variety on instructors means that no two sessions are the same."



"PFC isn't just a membership, we are all friends who support each other and have fun. The way the sessions are structured are great as it doesn't matter what fitness level you are at, we work as one.


I joined PFC as a runner, I'm now so much stronger physically and as a result my running has improved. Sessions are never the same so you never know what you're going to get!!"



"I can honestly recommend PFC as the best way to get fit and stay fit. Outdoor workouts are the best - come rain, shine, gales and frost - it just adds to the challenge!

Great people to work alongside, real encouragement for each other and fun whilst working out. The instructors are brilliant and will only ask what you are capable of giving. Varied sessions around the park ensure boredom never sets in - it really is the best!"



"I've been a member of PFC for nearly 5 years and absolutely love it. We train all year round, whatever the weather which I think builds mental toughness as well as physical fitness.

There's a real mix of abilities but we all train together and motivate each other. The coaches do a great job of pushing the stronger members whilst encouraging the less fit people. Most of all, we always seem to have a good laugh."



"I originally joined PFC during lockdown as a temporary solution while gyms were closed. However, I was taken by surprise how much I loved training outdoors (even in the pouring rain!) and never looked back!

It is challenging but we always have a laugh and come out of each session feeling better. PFC has been just as beneficial to my mental health as well as fitness. Would definitely recommend!"



"I've been going to PFC for a couple of years now and in that time my fitness has improved massively. I was made to feel very welcome from the very first session and everybody is there to help and support you, whatever your fitness levels. 

The coaches are knowledgeable and come prepared with a different plan for each session. For me this works as a great motivator as they never get repetitive. A fun and social way of getting active - highly recommended!



"I can't recommend PFC enough! I've tried a few different exercise groups across Plymouth and PFC is by far the one I've enjoyed the most. It's challenging and tough but the coaches and other members make it super enjoyable.

I started coming along as lockdown was easing to initially increase my fitness for long-distance swimming events. Since then I have felt my fitness improve and I am now training harder than ever before!

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