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Luke is a currently serving Royal Navy Defence Medic working from 42 Commando. He's served for 6.5 years and is due to leave the Royal Navy early next year to pursue his dream of being an athlete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Luke has travelled all over the world with the Royal Navy from Australia with HMS Sutherland, to the arctic circle with 3 Commando Brigade, working with their Arctic warfare specialists in -32 degrees celsius.

​Being a pre-hospital trauma specialist, Luke has had to work under mass pressure where lives are at stake if things aren’t done correctly and swiftly. His proudest achievement is running a traumatic cardiac arrest situation where him and his team brought back a women who later made a full recovery and returned home to her husband and 2 children.

“Fitness for me is more than surface level, being formerly morbidly obese at 17 stone with a 40 inch waist at the age of 16 I completely feel the pain of every session I write up. Making sure I broadcast the “anything is possible” attitude. So if I can do it, why can’t you?"

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